Stewart Maiden

The Stewart Maiden/Yates Family PARK at East View Cemetary

Dear Amigos: When I researched the book “Kilite the Kingmaker” it was discovered that Stewart Maiden was buried in an unmarked “potters’ grave at the East View Cemetery at East Lake. The Yates Family has kin there too including Julia Richardson and Pressley Daniel and Alan Yates. There is a plot of ground owned by the cemetery which is adjacent to and separate from the cemetery which would make a perfect “Golfers Park” to honor the Maiden and Yates families and enhance the history of the East Lake neighborhood.The board of the cemetery has been provided some overtures by developers to buy and build on this park like parcel. Charlie Harrison and I have chatted together that perhaps we could get together and figure out a way to make the parcel into a historical park Charlie has previously tried a like kind swap of this parcel for another small park parcel on Alston Road just down from Stirling House adjacent to No.l 0 fairway but that proposal fell on stony ground. I realize nobody wants to worry about maintaining the park As to that,. It seems logical that the board which controls the cemetery could take care of the park if we worked it out with them. I would envision erecting some historical markers honoring and telling the story of Stewart Maiden and the Yates family and their connections to East Lake. Linton would then have yet another stop on his walkabout tours of the history of East Lake. If this idea has legs, maybe we could get together during the week of the Tour Championship for a little chat about this if anyone thinks it has merit? I mentioned this to Dorothy Yates and Big Dan and Danny Yates and they seem warm to the notion. Anybody else? I’ll get the details on the parcel next week when the President of the cemetery comes back from vacation. Their board has an annual meeting on August 9. I’ll circulate the update on their plans for the parcel. The website for info on the cemetery is The parcel for the proposed park is of course separate from the cemetery. Anyway, thanks to Charlie Harrison for coming up with this most interesting idea. Best personal regards to all. Sid Matthew