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FORMATION: The East Lake History Center is owned and operated by the East Lake History Center, Inc., a non-profit Georgia corporation.

MISSION: East Lake has enjoyed a storied place in Atlanta’s history. East Lake earned national recognition during the Civil War when first the Confederate army and later the Union army slept on East Lake’s banks. At the turn of the century, East Lake would transform itself from Tom Poole’s amusement center into Atlanta’s premier real estate development promoted by George Adair and Asa Candler. By 1904 Georgia power magnate Harry Atkinson had a vision to transform East Lake into the “St. Andrews of America” by converting the East Lake property into a world class golf course and neighborhood. His vision was soon realized as East Lake was catapulted on the world stage by 18 major golf championships earned by Grand Slam champion Bobby Jones, three time national amateur champion, Alexa Stirling Fraser and 1938 British Amateur champion, Charlie Yates and Mid Amateur Champion Danny Yates. These champions have been joined on the honor roll by East lake champions, Perry Adair, Watts Gunn, Tommy Barnes and Charlie Harrison.

An endurance through economic and social hardships and challenges through the years by East Lake has been richly rewarded by the vision of community leaders who have worked together to transform East Lake into a new millennium community. The recent infusion of new hope and humanity into East Lake by the East Lake Foundation and East Lake’s longtime community leaders has made East Lake “the place to live” in Atlanta. The mission of the East Lake History Center is to chronicle its historic events, the lives of its heroic citizens, and the hope of its destiny.


I. East Lake during the Civil War

      A. Colonel Robert Alston’s Meadownook (Morgan Raiders)

      B. Confederate Campground

      C. General John Schofield – Union Campground

Tom Poole’s Amusement Park by Charlie Elliott [2]

III. From Collier Estate to Adair/Candler Park

Tom Paine First Mayor of East Lake by Sidney L. Matthew [3]

Little Bob Jones First Visit to East Lake By O.B. Keeler [4]

An Ideal Historical Tour of East Lake

      1. East Lake Golf Course – Charlie Yates Course

East View Cemetery – Resting place for Stewart Maiden,
            Pressley Daniel Yates, Julia Richardson Yates and Alan Yates.

      3. Colonel Alston’s Meadownook

      4. Mrs. Meadors Boarding House

      5. Bitsy Grants House

      6. East Lake Trail

      7. Fulbright House

      8. Stirling House – Ancestral home of Alexa Stirling Fraser

      9. Hudson House – Ancestral home of Scott Hudson


[1] Dan Yates, Jr., Dorothy Yates, Danny and Lois Yates, Charlie and Mary Yates, Jr., David and Sara Yates Sutherland, Comer and Sally Yates, John and Dorothy Yates Kirkley and Dr. Bob and Mimi Jones IV.

[2] Excerpted from East Lake Country Club History © Charlie Elliott 1984

[3] Excerpted from Champions of East Lake © by Sidney L. Matthew 1999

[4] Excerpted from Boys Life of Bobby Jones © 1931 Harper & Bros., reprinted 2002 by Sleeping Bear Press.

The founders of the East Lake History Center include Charles and Sylvia Harrison who are residents of the East Lake Neighborhood. East Lake historian Sidney L. Matthew has also lent support to this endeavor.